Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Baby Brother Is A Married Man!

On Friday, August 5, 2011, I celebrated my baby brothers marriage to Ms Maja N.  It was a wonderful wedding.  My bride looked gorgeous and my brother looked handsome.  We had a blast!

This was the first chance for me to take pictures while the bride prepared for her big day.  Their photographer even let me follow him around and help look for places to hang her dress for photos.  I was a bridesmaid, so I did not get the opportunity to take photos during the ceremony.

I present to you the wedding of  Mr. and Mrs. Jaleel Johnson

Mother of the Bride

Me and my Sister-in-law
Me and my brother
I had fun as you can tell!


Candie said...

My baby sister photographing our baby brother's wedding. What an amazing gift and memory! Everything was perfect and everyone was beautiful! I've never had more fun at a reception! I pray you continue to perfect your craft Aasiya; you are inspiring! I love you and your work! I'm the eldest sibling and happy to make the first comment! I support you! Hugs and kisses! Your oldest sister, Candie.

Candie said...

Amazing pictures!

Melingo Wagamama said...

Your photos are beautiful! Great work.

Jessica Vescera said...

Holy Gorgeous!!! So well done. Love the B&Ws, especially the one with her in the car. That cake is awesome.

Joe said...

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom! Nice set!

Rachel said...

Wow!! Stunning photos!!