Monday, March 21, 2011

I Miss Baking

I just wanted to say...

Thank You!

 To everyone who voted on their favorite pictures of the MCP Weekly Assignment.  I submitted photo #2.  I will have to wait until Saturday to see if they like as much as I do. 

Now back to my baking thoughts

I use to bake several times I week, but I stopped, cold turkey, during the fall.  I recently started baking on Sundays.  I take all of my baked goods to work like I use to.  I have forgotten how good it feels when people tell me how much the LOVE my baking.  I just don't feel like I have enough time for photography and baking.  I have made a daily commitment to photography for the year and I plan to see it through to the end.  So for now, I guess I will satisfy my baking need here and there.
Maybe I could even incorporate my baking into my photography.  
I have never really tried food photography.  

Sorry for  rambling
 Now on to the photo of the day!

My husband gave me a Gerber Daisy yesterday
So I took a picture of it.  
I wanted to get it from a different angel.
So I decided to photograph the flower from behind

March 21, 2011
From the Back



noreen said...

great texture and the colors are great. I love how the green pops from the red.

Elena said...

Love the last shot of the daisy! Gorgeous!

Bek said...

Great perspective!