Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Dinomite!

Don't worry...
I spelled "dinomite" this way on purpose.  I am dedicating my post and photo of the day to dinosaurs!  

Let me explain why...

For those of you who don't know my husband Justin...

He is REALLY into dinosaurs!

When we decided to have children, he wants to name the first boy
Thomas Rex Chapman
T. Rex
Seriously!  This is not a joke. 

My husbands name is actually Thomas Justin Chapman.
They have a family tradition where all the male children are named Thomas.  
There are only three of them.  

Now back to the dinosaurs

Every one in a while when I am out and about, I may buy my husband something dinosaur related.  A few months ago, we took a trip to Marshalls.  I spotted a dinosaur cupcake set and dino cookie cutters. 
Of course I had to get both!
I finally put the cookie cutters to use today.  I wanted to practice my cookie decorating skills, so I decided to make sugar cookies.  This was the perfect chance for me to finally use my dino cutters.  
I was way too excited!
Since I had no plans to leave the house today, I decided to turn my cookies project into a photo shoot.  I have two photos that I really like.

But first, 
I need to share Friday's photo of the day with you.

March 11, 2011

I decided to do a self-portrait yesterday because I wanted to play with my new shutter release.  The photos weren't great, but I liked this one.  I used MCP's  sharpening mini fusion.  It really made my eyes nice and sharp.  I also used a Photoshop action, but unfortunately I can't remember the name.  The Photoshop action really did wonders for this photo.  The lighting in the original picture was terrible probably because I used artificial lighting from a desk lamp.  You can't really tell in the edit, but I used a start whit door for my background. 

As for the dinosaurs...

March 12, 2011
It's Dinomite

Here is my photo of the day runner-up

I haven't decorated them yet.  I think I will save that for tomorrow. I had a couple of drinks during dinner.  I am sure that DWI (drinking while icing) is a horrible idea.



IRM said...

this is a great story about justin. and, your face is beautiful! you need more self-portraits! ~va

Amber said...

Can't wait to see the dinosaur cookies! They are gonna be so cute:) I just ordered a set of dinosaur stamps! I guess I'll have to make Justin a dino-card!

Aasiya said...

Why thank you IRM!

Amber, you should get started on that card. His birthday is April 5th. BTW, I used the sugar cookie recipe you posted on your blog. I normally use one by Paula Deen, but wanted to try something different. They are pretty tasty and super easy.

Bek said...

Our family has the same tradition when it comes to names...
Love your self-portrait!
You need to show us a decorated cookie as well:)

La said...

BAHHAHAHAA! T. Rex...OMG, Shane and I are cracking up.

I hope you found a student to buy that Photoshop for you...are you having so much fun with it? Easy to learn how to use??

noreen said...

ah, Justin, justin, justin...t-rex for a name? not a bad idea at makes the name so unique...LOL...

i love your selfie!!! you are pretty...

Rachel said...

You are beautiful! And I love the action you ran on your self-portriat too.
Cool dino cookies! ;)