Sunday, March 20, 2011

MCP 52 Weekly Photo Theme: Jewelry Box

This week, MCP 52 theme for the weekly photo challenge is Jewelry Box.  Since my sister was in town, I figured I would use her as my model.  She never says no to photos.  If you don't believe me, just take a look at her Facebook page.  She seriously has a lot of photos of herself.  I told her that she needs to do a 365 of self-portraits.  She just laughed.

I decided to do photos of her trying on ALL my jewelry!  She is always going through my jewelry to see if I acquired new stuff since her last visit.  Somehow, she always manages to leave with one or two pieces.

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot.  

I also used her as a model for my class assignment:  Natural Light Portrait 
Here are a few photos for this series

Now for the Photo of the Day

March 20, 2011
My Sister a.k.a The Jewel Thief

I love this photo.  She looks like she is being really sneaky.  I should probably check my jewelry to see if anything is missing.  

Now for my dilemma...

I am trying to decide which photo to enter into the weekly photo contest for MCP.  I can't decided which one to choose.  I am tying to decided between my Photo of the Day or this one...

If you could place your vote in the comment section, I would really appreciate it.

#1 (The Photo of the Day)



Anonymous said...

WOW! They are both magnificent but if I have to choose. #2. I like the lighting and also it makes you wonder what she is thinking.

Elena said...

The photo of your sister in b&w looking at the camera is GORGEOUS! Love all of these!

Nicole said...

i love the 2nd one!

Justin said...


Frances said...


noreen said...

The black and white was really great. the contrast, exposure and lighting is just perfect.

oh, i love the first one, too!!! love the softness of her skin and the lighting is just perfect!!!

Aasiya said...

Thanks guys for your comments and helping me decide!

Noreen and Elena, I love the B&W as well. I will be using that one for my photography class assignment.

Stop a moment running away said...

Your sister is beautiful. What a fun idea doing a shoot around a jewelery box. I had fun viewing your collection

Bek said...

Wow! They are all gorgeous! The colors are great, your sister is an awesome model - still love her facial expressions. They are telling a story:)