Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last week in class we learned about composition.  We had to produce 3 pictures that followed the three rules of composition

I applied the rule of thirds in my photo today.  This is a photograph of a fire hydrant on my street.  I really like the colors and textures in this photo.  

March 16, 2011
Fire Hydrant 

What do you think?



Bek said...

I also like its colors! I find your leading lines picture interesting as well.

Suzanne said...

I like the different patterns in the photo like the wood, brick & the line pattern on the hydrant itself.

noreen said...

you were definitely able to execute your class' assignment very well.

the photo of the day...i am not a pro nor have studied the technality of photography but here's my two cents :) were able to apply the rule of thirds but my eyes were not immediately drawn to the subject..maybe it's because of the busy background and the fire hydrant has the same tones as the brick...

Aasiya said...

Noreen, I actually agree with you. It was just the best photo out of the ones I took. I actually look at the fence before the fire hydrant. If the hydrant was in front of the fence it would be more noticeable. I still like the picture, but mostly for the colors and textures.