Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Late Nights

I apologize for the many many post today.  I need to find a more efficient way to participate in various photo challenges.  Most of the challenges require separate blog pages for their entires, so I have no choice to make several posts in one day.  I was also two days behind in my blogging so I had to make up for missed days.

So now that I am all caught up, it is time for me to post my Photo of the Day!
I took this photo when I took Iggy for his nighttime walk.  I have been eyeing this door for a while now.  I figured tonight would be a good night to snap a photo, especially because I was out of ideas!  

March 9, 2011
Red Reef

I love the shadows on the ground and the pop of red in the reef.



Tiffany said...

thanks for coming by! very pretty photo. I love reds!

Rachel said...

Excellent the drama of the colors and contrast.

Aasiya said...

Thank You