Thursday, March 3, 2011


I spent all day trying to figure out how to load actions on Photoshop.  I've had absolutely no success.  I have followed the directions step by step...
 Well, as far as I could.
I can only get to the part where the instruction tell you to click on Photoshop 9.  It then instructs me to click on the Photo creations folder, but I don't have that for some reason. It also says to rename my mediadatabase, which is no where to be found.  

A friend of mine tried to help as well.  She is very familiar with Photoshop, but could not help me.  I think I just may have to call Adobe tech support tomorrow.  I wasted my whole day trying to figure, I didn't take a picture until 9pm.  My poor husband spent time trying to help me find a picture instead of watching the basketball game.  I owe him one! 

March 3, 2011

My husband and dog hanging out in a chair.

I though that leaving the dog's and my husband's upper body out of the picture made it more interesting.  The lines created by my husbands legs leads the eye up to Iggy's (the dog) legs. 



Rachel said...

That is a very interesting composition and perspective! I like it!
If you want you can email me through my havenhill blog so I can have your email address and I'll write back how I was able to get my photoshop actions installed.

noreen said...

Sounds so complicated with what you have on there..

This is how I do mine..
*download the file (usually zip) and save it to a folder
*open the zip file (from where you saved it. click on it and then click on EXTRACT files (to make it into an ATN file).
* once the file is extracted, go to photoshop.
*go to actions panel, click on the upper right corner button and click on Load Actions. It should open a new window. From there, remember where you saved your extracted file, click on it and hit Load and BINGO!!!

I don't know if the process i did is applicable to that of yours but so far, mine is working perfectly! BTW, your composition is really interesting!