Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Black and White in Color

Despite having a chaotic day at work, I managed to take the first of my three photographs for my weekly assignment, which by the way is due tomorrow.  My original plan for one of the photographs did not work out for a couple of reasons.  First, it was dark when I left work, thus making it hard to take a clear shot without a tripod.  Then I attempted to get the photograph I wanted, but when I turned on my camera it read "NO CARD DUMB DUMB."  Ughhhhh... I was completely frustrated.  I had to come up with something quick, so I stopped by Whole Foods on my way home in search of white flowers.  There were a couple of options, but I wanted something cheap.  The carnations were the best choice next to roses.  I used black construction paper and a white vase for some pictures.  I also used a black storage container for the background.  Overall, I think I did pretty darn good!  I managed to take one photo for my assignment and one for my photo of the day.

I probably shouldn't share this with you, but I kinda cheated on my assignment.  As I mentioned yesterday, I tried to to take a couple of black and white photos in color, but they were a disaster!  I searched for tips on line, but all I could find were examples and I really needed were how-to instructions.  After about a hour of searching my brain started functioning and I remembered reading about auto lock exposure.  Unfortunately, auto lock does not work on manual so I cheated and changed it to "P".  I chose the aperture, manually focused the lens, adjusted my meter for the proper exposure of the flower, auto locked it and focused on the background.

I clicked the shutter and.........

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! The picture came out perfect.  All I had to do was adjust the temperature of the photo by making cooler.  This helped brighten the white and remove any yellowish cast.  You can see for yourself.

Feb 8, 2011
Black and White in Color

Here are the photos for my photography class project.  I have to decide between the two.



La said...

I had a hard time reading about auto-lock I don't really get it. Are you locking the parameters that you wet when looking at the flower? Don't get it...

Aasiya said...

La, sometimes I confuse myself. To answer your question, yes I focused on the flower first then I hit the auto lock button. Once it was locked I reframed the picture moving the focus box to the background and took the picture. I just copied the setting again when I took the picture on manual. The AE lock is typically used for backlit objects so that the lighting in the photo is more balanced. I hope this makes a little more sense. If not your camera manual should explain it as well.

noreen said...

Love the lighting on all of them! I especially love the last one.

Glad to hear you were coping up and finishing your assignment!

Joe said...

Great shots. Well thought out and executed!