Thursday, February 3, 2011

Having a BIG head does not mean I know everything

I attended my first photography class yesterday.  We managed to cover a lot of information in three hours.  We discussed everything from aperture, shutter speed, histograms, metering, white balance, and light metering.

Light metering? What the hell is that?

Apparently light metering is helpful when determining whether or not you need more or less light.  The light metering scale on your camera that runs from -2 (you need more light) to 0 (that's just right) to +2 (you need less light). I have noticed the light meter before, but never used it because I did not know how. I always played with the ISO, shutter speed and aperture until I was pleased with the photo. Who knew that the light meter could tell me which way I needed to adjust my settings.

So, now that I know all about light metering, I was able to take my first "properly exposed" photo. Before I unveil my "properly exposed" work of art I need to explain why the photo was taken indoors. Honestly, I was just being plain lazy. I wanted to take a nap, but ended up looking for basketball tickets online for about 2 hours. Afterwards, I thought I should probably do something with the hair that I have been hiding under a surgical cap for the last 5 days, but I also wanted to be beautiful for my husband.

My definition of beautiful: My hair washed and straightened, but hidden underneath the infamous animal printed cheetah scarf that he loves so much.  I want him to remember me just the way he left me!

So, here it is. My beautifully exposed photo:

February 3, 2011
I really love peacock feathers!
"Perfectly exposed" with some Lightroom editing

Come back tomorrow!


La said...

please keep explaining everything! I love it! You are taking the class I've always wanted to take but never had the time...

RC said...

it is perfectly exposed! nice work.