Friday, February 4, 2011

Every Great Love Affair Must Come to an End :(

I've heard love is eternal, but every great love affair must come to and end.  Not everyone falls out of love; some people die.  My great love affair was a short one and now it has come to an end.

Dear Love of my Life,

     My vision of life was sad and lonely until a friend of mine introduced me to you.  She told me about all the things you could do for me and convinced me to give you a try.  I was intimidated by all of your presets, treatment options, and organizational skills.  I played around with you for a few hours and was hooked on you.  You were a breath a fresh air.  I soon realized how unsatisfied I was with the other ones in my life.  They were so limited in their capabilities.  You really showed me what it was all about.

     I looked forward to seeing you everyday.  I wanted to see what you could do for me.  Those long nights with you was completely worth the lack of sleep and giant bags underneath my eyes.  You could lighten any situation, but you could also bring out my dark side.  My friends and family even noticed a difference. They would ask me if I was doing something different.  They wanted to know my secret.  I was hesitant to tell others about you.   I knew that once they knew about you they would try and get their hands on you.

     I hoped this day would never come, but it has.  We must go our separate ways.  I will always think of you when things are too dark, too light, or too drab. One of these days we will meet again (preferably on payday).   It's not you; it's me.  I'm broke.  I'll miss you Lightroom.



Click here for a free 30 Day trial of Lightroom 3.3.  It will change the way you edit photos

Here is the last photo I will edit with Lightroom:

February 4, 2011
Must be the Munchies!


Elena said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your farewell letter to Lightroom... I have been tempted to try the free trial, afraid I would get too hooked on it and end up paying big bucks just to keep up the addiction. :)

Aasiya said...

Elena, if you are a student or know someone who is then Lightroom is much cheaper. Its only about 80 with the discount and 270 or so without

noreen said...

love the letter as well!!! if getting one if not in the budget, try GIMP!!! it's more the same as the photoshop. it has also some actions or scripts. The best part is it's for free!!! There's also a lot of tutorials over the internet. And if you shoot in RAw, you can use UFRAW to read your files. It then transports your photos to GIMP. It's also for free!!!