Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare

Today was such a beautiful day.  The weather was nice.  I went to the Magic Gardens with my husband.  I took lots of photographs, too many actually.  We had our friends over in the afternoon and I baked!  I wished today would never end.  

For all of you non-philadelphians, I am sure you are wondering about the Magic Gardens.  The Philadelphia Magic Gardens is located on South Street.  It is a mosaic folk art gallery that showcases the work of Isaiah Zagar.  The Magic Gardens is his largest artwork and took 17 years to complete.  His murals can be found throughout the city.  I see Mr. Zagar roaming the neighborhood.  I also live behind his alleged ex-mistress!  He is an odd looking man.  I can't imagine what was going thorough his head when he designed some of these pieces.  His pieces are very strange, but in a beautiful way.  It's as if you were walking into his dreams and nightmares.  He uses some unusual pieces in his work such as bike wheels, glass bottles, pottery, mosaic tiles and porcelain statues.  There are also lots of naked people and strange faces in his work. 

Before I show you my pictures from the garden, I want to share Saturday's picture of the day with you.  

Feb 26, 2011
57/ 365
Bad Ass Kitty
We have a love hate relationship.
This little kitty's name is Dexter.  He belongs to my friend.  He was my last hope for my photo of the day because I did not pick up my camera all day.  He was very cooperative and cute.  

Now onto the photos from the Magic Gardens!

I am going to apologize now because my husband is in almost every photo.  You may get tired of seeing his face or the back of his hat.  I know I do! 

Random kids running through the Gardens

Notice the scale

Now, I would like to present the photo of the day.  This picture is bad ass.  My husband has always wanted an awesome picture in front of this garage.  It is the coolest garage door I have ever seen.  

Feb 27, 2011
Dun na na na na na na na Chapmannnnn!!!!!

 Once again, my husband's face didn't make the photo of the day, but he still thinks this is the coolest picture ever.



Rachel said...

That is a really cool picture! :)

noreen said...

LOL on the picture of the day and your husband!! He is goofy! As for the garden, it's really impressive!!! And oh, your kitty is soo cute!!

Bek said...

That is really the coolest picture! How did you do that?

Jessica Vescera said...

Agreed! This is a bad ass photo! Really cool with the red had. No other color would have make it work so well like this.

Justin said...

its my favorite picture you have taken so far. we need to put it on canvas and hang it in my office. #winning