Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colors, Colors, Colors

Yesterday in class we learned all about color.  We discussed the 3 primary colors of a camera: Red, Green and Blue.  This was the basis of my assignment I submitted yesterday.  We had to make these colors the primary focus of 3 separate photographs.  This is what I submitted:

This doubled as my photo of the day!

This week, we must photograph the primary colors with their complimentary color.

Red and Cyan
Green and Magenta
Blue and Yellow

We have to find these colors in the "real world," so no staging photographs at home :(   The images must be exclusively made of these colors.  No other colors are allowed in the frame.  I attempted to find these colors today, but to no avail.

Well actually I found this,

Red and Cyan

... But, I don't consider this to be a well composed photograph.  Maybe it will grow on me!

This assignment is going to be harder than I thought.  I definitely won't be able to put this assignment off until the day before class. 

All of this talk about color inspired today's photograph.

Feb 24, 2011
Blue Window

I love the color of the brick, but I especially love the different shades of blue in the window.  I also noticed that pop of neon yellow in the bicyclist's glove!

And the rest of the series!!!

 Wish me happy complimentary color hunting!



La said...

love it!

Elena said...

I love the bicycle photo! I didn't even notice the pop of yellow until you mentioned it, but it really works!

Justin said...

These are nice. You may want to check out Seger Park for your assignment. There are a lot of colors there.