Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drip Drop

Last night I dreamed of a photograph;  beautiful ice covered branches. When I awoke this morning I was simply disappointed. There were no frosted cover trees, but there was ice everywhere else.  I really did not enjoy sliding all the way to work this morning.

By the time I left work the ice had melted away.  I took Iggy (A.K.A Little F#ck3R, Nacho, Ignacio) for a walk.  On our way to the house I noticed raindrops on the tips of tree branches. So, I grabbed my camera and returned for my photo of the day or at least I thought I did. I pictures I took looked clear to me on my little itty bitty camera screen, but they were actually a big blurry mess on my computer screen. I refused to go outside again because it is FREEZING!  I tried to recreate the raindrops by spraying water on a house plant to no avail.  After using language that is unbecoming of a lady (insert expletive here),  I decided to return to that same water drop, with my tripod in tow.  I shoved my tripod in the snow and snapped away. I was confident that I had a lot of shots to choose from but only ended up with two.

I present to you Photo # 32 of 365: The Drop

If you look really hard at the bottom right-hand corner of the droplet you can see my reflection.

Below are some of the other photos I took today:

Same picture as about but in B&W

A little more up close and personal with a more natural look

Which one do you prefer???


La said...

the third...

Joe said...

I like them all but if I had to choose it would be the first one. Great eye for noticing these.